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Haven't updated in forever

I've been lousy at keeping a bird log. Lots of birds have come and gone since I made my last post I don't know if I can keep up with this journal. I'm not flying pigeons so much at this moment in my life. I have two that have accidentally become pets. One wasn't supposed to hatch, the other flew into my life. My main account thagirion actually has more info.

Dove returned

I need to keep this better updated. About a month ago I took some of the pigeons out on a close training flight. Less than one air mile. I took 10 and only 5 returned. I got a phone call from a lady that found one dead. At least I know what happened and I'd rather know even if it's bad news like that. That way I don't keep waiting forever. Well today I got a call from another lady that said she'd found my pigeon. It was hanging out at an old folks trailer park and they'd had it all that time. They've been feeding it so no wonder it wouldn't come home. They come home because they are hungry. They were able to get close enough to read his number and told me he drank from the swimming pool and everyone liked him. Her dog had recently died and the pigeon arrived the day after so to them it was a peace dove. And that's why my doves are supposed to do. They're supposed to bring happiness especially during funerals. But now that the hawks are in the area they got worried and called me. I guess they wanted to keep him as a free flying pet but I'm glad they finally called him. I could tell they didn't want to give him up. I brought another dove as a decoy, some food, a cage and the gourd. Once I shook that gourd he came down right away and landed on the cage with the other dove. I was able to get close enough and just gently picked him up. No fast motions. Everyone gasped. "Yeah, I'm his mommy." I told them. They were sad to see him go, and they asked me to write something up for their bulletin board. So I did and thanked everyone for having taken care of my bird.

I'm so glad this had a happy ending and what a nice Christmas gift to get my dove back alive and healthy. He was a good weight because they'd been feeding him. Now if only I knew what happened to the other three. But I do hope someone found them and just decided to keep them. I'd rather that happen than have them killed by a predator or hit by a car. Awesome Christmas gift.
Just logging in to say that three days ago I lost Olney probably to a hawk. I'd had her as an indoor pet for a while until she got kind of mean. Then I had her on a cage in the patio. I thought she might be happier to go back with the flock and fly free again. She did for a few days, but then three days ago a Cooper attacked the flock. About 10 of my birds disappeared for several hours. Olney was one of them and she never came back. I feel bad about it. Like I never should have put her back because she was too fat to fly fast. I miss my sweet pigeon girl. It was nice because she was more bonded to Chris and she would follow him and land on him. I could never catch her to put her away. But Chris could pick her up with no trouble.


Short update

Well, since I can't access my main journal I'll make an update here. It's much needed. I have 8 chickens now and it's been wonderful having them around. My two Rhode Island Reds are my oldest and I'm starting to develop an interesting relationship with them. They know what it means when I say, "Go in the box." They go into the dog crate. I'm so glad they like the box and don't run from me. I think it's because they only associate it with good things like being taken outside, being safe and sleeping.

I have one baby pigeon I was hand feeding. He's weaned now but still too little to go in the loft with the others. I got some AU bands from Jedds this time since I got ripped off on bands last year by Seigel. I'm surprised they are green again just like the 2008 were. I thought every year was supposed to be different. A friend in California has orange AU bands so it really makes no sense this time around. I'll have to log the leg number of the new baby soon.

I love this flash blocker I installed on FireFox. It's blocking all the ads. HA! Take that LiveJournal.


Leg Bands and clean loft

I got my order of legbands in the mail yesterday. These are from Jedd's and not Siegel's this time. I'm a bit disapointed they are green this year. I thought they made a different color every year for the AU bands. These look just like the 2008 bands which were also green. The good thing is I only have one 2008 bird so it shoudln't be too confusing. 2008 was a bad year for losses. All my babies but that one died mostly to hawks. This means I can start breeding now.

The loft is clean too so I'm proud of that. It was a lot of work to wash it and repaint it but much needed after two years. I still want to repaint the outside.

Here are the perches after being washed and painted.

And here is the loft with the perches reinstalled.

I have pet chickens now too that I will be building a coop for from the first small pigeon loft I used to have. I've been posting the chick's progress on thagirion.

The weather has sucked so far. It's cold and rainy. It will rain all week and my poor birds probably won't get to fly much. I'm hoping Gorda's wings will grow back. I'd love to see her fly.

Loft maintenance

I have repainted the interior of the loft and cleaned it up. I hurt my back kind of bad but it had to be done and I'm proud of it.

The birds slept on the ground the night before with no shavings. So I had to wash it all out again this morning.

Here is another view. Almost as clean as the day it was built.

And the final product with fresh shavings, food and water. Notice the shadow on the water dish. My birds wanted to get back in the whole time I was working. They still don't have their V shaped perches. I bleached and washed all of those today. Tomorrow I will paint them and put them back on the walls. Hopefully by then I'll be done. It was getting really gross so this was much needed. Later on if money is ok, I need to get the blue and pink paint again and redo the outside since it's dirty and faded. But it's not really necessary.

Changes to the journal

I've made some big changes to the journal here. I've uploaded the moodtheme made by the people over at cute_moodthemes. I'm very happy with it. You can view the whole theme HERE. I've also changed the colors. Before I had dark blue with gold text. But the hummingbird beaks disappeared into it so I've changed it to a teal blue. For now I have a fake header on the main page that says "Title Hello". It's kind of like the option to add stuff to the sidebar. I'd like to do something with it like add pictures of pigeons, but I'm not sure yet. Again design isn't my strong point. I see I need to fix the links though. I don't like it when they don't change when you mouse over. I need them to change. Oh and I customized some things like "Coo" for respond. Darn, there is no hover link color. And without being a paid account I can't use css to change it.

It was very windy today but I flew the birds anyway. They flew faster because of it. I had to put Gorda on top of the loft because she did not want to come out. She didn't even fly to the roof of the house. She just kind of sat there and when the others came back she went inside with them all. I'm going to have to help build her courage to come out and stay out longer. But when she does fly she's very fast.

Spring cleaning

I'm still very happy about Gorda's return. I let all the birds out for the evening flight at 4pm. Gorda was with them. We had a hawk attack and the Cooper went right for her, but I was amazed how fast she was and she avoided him expertly. When she came back I pulled out the cut feathers so they will grow in faster. I will keep her in the loft until they start to grow out on their own, unless she gets out on me. Having been locked up so long she's hesitant to fly now. I think the first time she got out was an accident.

I'm going to try to update the mood theme here. I don't have one about doves or pigeons but I will add a hummingbird one I found to personalize this more. The little suns are ok. They fit with the whole Sorath theme but they're too cute and silly for my taste. It's too bad uploading a mood theme is such a pain, but worth it in the end.

After looking through my old posts here and seeing how nice the loft was when I first built it, I think it's time for some major reworking of it. I'm not looking forward to this but it is part of the maintenence. I needto get all the birds out, wash it out well and scrub the floor. After that I need to take down all the perches and wash them in bleach. I'm sure some need to be thrown out as they are made of wood. I do have spares at least. After that I need to repaint them and I need to repaint the whole loft. Inside is priority as it's aweful. I'm not sure where I'm going to put the pigeons until then. This will probably be a two day project. I also need to change the grating in their aviary as it's too pooped up to clean with the hose anymore. So lots of plans in the work for the new year.


I have not been keeping up with this well. I'm going to try to keep better records of things and will also write about my pet pigeons not just my flyers. I've had several losses since last time and new hatches as well. I need to log it all down good or bad.

Yesterday when I was flying the flock Gorda got out on me. She was partially clipped and was not meant to fly as I had gotten her from someone else and she was meant to be a prisoner. She was special because she was Punkin's mother who I also lost last year to egg binding. The good thing is that I have a phonenumber leg band on her and I'm hoping someone will find her. I sure hope so, but since it's been a long time since she flew I don't know what will happen. I got her back in January of 2007.

I need to order leg bands. After being ripped off by Siegel's on them I think I'll order them from Jedds this time. Money was good this week so I should be able to make some small orders. I must take a count of the loft and the aviary. I also have plans to hopefully build a new bird aviary for the budgies and small birds.

EDIT: She came back!! I couldn't believe it. I walked out to let the others out and there she was!! She was sitting on the loft! This is wonderful. I can't believe she came back. I be she was so hunry after not eating for a whole day and a half. I've been talking with Mark and he said that she was young when I got her and even though she had flown with him that she hadn't completely imprinted on his loft yet. Since I took her to the new house as a young bird and she's lived here for two years she's probably imprinted here. That means, I can let her wings grow! She didn't know how to use the door because she's never been out. So I had to set up food dishes for her to follow and she finally went back in. I even video taped her return. She still didn't fly with the others but what I'm so glad about is she's no longer a prisoner and she can fly with the others. She's going to have to learn how and to stick with the flock. I don't have to worry about her escaping anymore. She knows where home is!!

Babies again

Oh man! I'm so darn behind. This should be a daily log and I don't know why I can't keep up with it. ARG!

Ok I have found out that Thrust and Winger are a pair. Winger is amazing. I never thought he'd be able to mate with one wing but he has. They Hatched two babies yesterday January 15, 2009.

Pushy unfortunately seems to be lost again. I took her on a ten mile toss. She's had the bad habit of not staying with the flock. I don't think she'll come back this time. I fear a hawk finally got her.

There is an ultra agressive Cooper that is hanging around the yard. He's brazen and not afraid of me at all which isn't good. I'm hoping he's a migrant and will leave in the spring.

It's cold. We're under a cold front. I hope we get our warm weather back soon.


I have banded the two Yellow babies and they go Bands Au 2008 AA 14891, Au 2008 AA 14892.

I've been pairing up some of the birds with the males that lost their females. I'm being careful to not pair up any daddys and daughters. It seems the purple male took AU 2007 A 56135 Yellow who I now know is a female. But I worry because he is the unproven male from last year. He's the one of the four pairs that never produced anything because he could get his cloaca around to meet the female's. I hope he's figured it out now that he's a mature male or he's useless to me. I'm amazed how many of the babies that survived were from the orange pair. What a shame that female died as they were clearly my best producers. That really really sucks. I worry that orange and blue won't take any of these young hens I give them since they were so bonded to their last mate. Blue attacks any bird I put in his cage. Sigh. And I still don't know the genders of some of my birds. I'm even considering crossing some with Punkin even though she's not a ture white. I'm hoping I can breed out the blue feathers since she has so few. I don't know. All this is new and experimental for me. I just need a large crop of babies for sure. Looks like I definitely need some new blood too as I hate to inbreed.

Babies Log

This is my log for white babies for each year.


Au 2008 AA 14889 Orange
Au 2008 AA 14881 Orange female
Au 2008 AA 14890 Yellow lost band Push female
AU 2007 A 56133 Orange female
AU 2007 A 56134 Orange male
AU 2007 A 56135 Yellow
Au 2008 AA 14887 Blue Winger


Pairs Log

This is my log for the pairs I make each year for my whites. This post will be constantly updated.

2008 pairs

IPB B 2007 4720 Male Blue and IPB B 2007 16438 female Died
IPB B 2007 16421 the Male Orange and IPB B 2007 16439 female Died
IPB B 2007 4719 Male Purple and IPB B 2007 8497 Female Died
IPB B 2007 4712 Male Yellow and IPB B 2007 8448 Female



Breeding going on

IPB B 2007 4712 Yellow and IPB B 2007 8448 HATCHED a baby yesterday Sept 25, 2008 and their second today Sept 26, 2008.

And in the loft one pair escaped my notice. I found it today. It must have hatched yesterday or today. One parent is AU 2008 AA 14881 She I think it's a she is the offspring of IPB B 2007 4720 Blue and IPB B 2007 16438.

Since I lost so many females I'll have to be careful to not cross her back to her father but possibly mate her out to the blue male. Though I was considering him with Pushy.

And I've decided to make Thrust and her brother a pair. I've brought them in so they are Pair AU 2007 A 56133 and AU 2007 A 56134 They are babies of the orange pair IPB B 2007 16421 the male and IPB B 2007 16439 female.

I'm going to have to make a post to log all pairs even the birds that have died because it's difficult looking up who's related to whom and such.


Oh my gosh! I can't believe this! I got up today to feed the outside lofts and I saw a white pigeon on the loft roof. My first thought was, "How'd he get out? Is there a hole in the loft? The landing board is closed." But then I realized it and I go, "Pushy??" I walked up to her and sure enough it was her. I grabbed her and instead of putting her with the others I brought her in the house for observation. Well now I KNOW somone has been finding my birds and fixing them up. But who? Her legs were messed up. I don't know if they were broken and reset or what. And her leg band had been cut off so I KNOW someone had to do that. I feel very indebted. I want to thank this person but I don't know who they are. I certainly don't want this to happen again but all my flyers now have their leg bands with phone numbers on them. So if it DOES happen again perhaps this person will call me. I'd love to talk to them. They must know more about medecine than I do. I just wish I had more money so I could take the birds to the vet and have the legs properly set. Checkers needs his leg rebroken and set right.


My first return

I think Push Pigeon is gone for good. It's been about three days now and I gave up waiting on her. But something amazing happened today! My blue checkered that I'd lost almost a month ago returned today. I got up and I see a pigeon on the aviary and think, "No great. How'd he get out?" But then I saw his checkers and realized he was my missing bird that I thought was dead. All these questions instantly filled me mind. Where has he been? What did he eat all this time? Did someone have him and fix him up? Did they know he was a homing pigeon because of the leg band and only just now let him go?

I managed to get him to come back into the loft. I caught him and saw his upper leg has been broken and set improperly. That is why he limps. I don't know how good of a flyer he'll ever be now. But I'm glad he came back. I just wish I knew more about what's happened all this time. A broken leg tells me it was definitely a hawk. I'd like to think someone kept him but didn't understand the leg band and once he looked well they let him go knowing he was a homing pigeon. I'm so glad I finally got those bands from silvolf that have my number on them. That way if this happens again and someone DOES find my bird it will be easier to get it back. I just wish I had put one on Push Pigeon sooner.

Crappy bird day

I need to get better at updating this thing. I've had a lousy day bird wise today. Not only did my budgie Gaus die but I think I've lost my favorite flyer Push Pigeon. The flock took off today and stayed out longer than normal. Push Pigeon and her brother are the rookies. Everyone came back except her. I've learned that pigeons take around 48 hours to come back when lost/hurt if they come back at all. After that there's no sense waiting around. Being the logical person that I am I'm TRYING to have some hope but I lost most of it when she didn't return with the others. She's the youngest and the weakest. What sucks is that I raised her from TWO DAYS old. I've never raised any other bird from that young and had it survive. Because of this she was extra sweet. She was the only one that would come over to me. Her name was perfect because even as a young adult she'd still come and push my hands hard when I was taking the bowls for cleaning. I loved that about her. All my other babies don't like to be touched and even though they are hand fed they won't come over to me anymore.

I've asked this question before and it may sound cold but that's how I am, "Why couldn't have it one of my blues or one I wasn't attached to?" None of my whites of course too. It's hard to not get attached. I knew going into this losses would happen but sometimes you get attached even if you don't want to. Especially hand fed babies. There's a chance she's lost and could return tomorrow. There's one day left but I think she's gone. I won't write her off as gone yet but with all the odds against her I think I know what happened. It's interesting that the birds that have been hit and escaped haven't been hit again. They must have learned the lesson that hawks are dangerous and become better fliers. I don't know. I haven't been doing this long enough to say for sure. Chris has been supportive trying to give me hope saying she may come back. She may be lost or out having fun. But really I know better. I'll go through the 48 hour protocol on this but I don't expect any miracles to happen.

I've been expecting Gaus to die for months now and I don't feel so bad about it anymore. I'm happy to have had such a wonderful little budgie. But losing Pusy Pigeon suddenly with no warning like that and not knowing what really happened (my mind always suspects hawk but it could have been anything) is much harder. This has been very hard on me. Being an NT type I don't deal with feelings well either. I haven't had a real cry yet. I want to, but I can't. I don't know how. My stupid tear glands work all wrong for me. They flow when I don't want or need them to, at really stupid times like in the bathroom. Sigh. But now when I want to and probably need to nothing's happening. I may just have to bust out the Neil Diamond songs or watch Jonathan Livingston Seagull. That will definitely send me over the edge.

This day has been rather crappy. Good things did happen too and I'll talk about those in my main journal. I'm done venting for now.

Oh one good thing. The wild conures are around still. They seem to live in my oak trees and are eating my peaches on the peach tree. Didn't feel like checing over twice for spelling and grammar. Sorry if there are a lot of mistakes.

Here's a video of Pushy when she was a baby.


I got my order in today from Seigel's. I got a bunch of pigeon perches that are much needed and I got a doormat that was also much needed.

Isn't this nice? I think I'm going to put this on the back patio since that's where most of the dirt is tracked in. Now I need to get two more for the garage and front door.

Here are all the perches I ordered. I wish I knew what kind of saw it takes to make those cuts because I probably could have saved a ton of money making them myself. But I have no idea how.

Here they are painted and installed with pigeons already on them. You can tell which ones are new since they are still clean.


Lost bird

The missing bird 148883 didn't come back. I consider him officially lost now. This sucks because I only have one young bird left that can fly. I do have two babies that will be fledging soon but it's always dangerous for new birds. There are predators and they can just get plain lost on training tosses as well. Those are the risk, but I hate the huge percentage of losses I've had this year. I still think I'm doing better than last year with the good birds I have but something still isn't right.

And today my birds did something odd. They stayed on the roof and didn't come in at night. Chris and I had to get on a ladder and bring them down. That was annoying. I think because the neighbor's kids were out playing. They weren't used to that and wanted to be safe up on the roof. Ok safe from the kids but come night fall they're sitting ducks for owls so I had to go up and catch them. So all eight were finally put in the loft. So my flying team currently consists of four blues and four whites.


Possible loss

My subscription for this account runs out at the end of the month. I need to find a way to scrounge up some cash to renew. I don't want to lose all the cool customization I've made.

I took the new birds out to their first one mile toss to the east. Well I don't know why my older ones led them FURTHER away. They were all empty, it wasn't far so they should have beat us home. But they took hours to come home and when they finally did one was missing. It was 14883 the youngest. I'm suspecting a hawk again. I hope I'm wrong, I hope he'll be back tomorrow morning. He was gone a whole day and night in the last hawk attack. 14881 is the last young bird I have left that flies and he seems to be learning to avoid enemies. I managed to coax all the birds in just as a pair of Cooper's hawks landed on the post across the street and mated loudly in plain sight for all to see. Oh swell that's all I need. New baby Coopers practicing on my birds. I wish the laws were more lenient and let you do something but even harassing the birds can land you in jail if someone tells. I think squirting them with water would be a good way to keep them out of the area. So I left the landing board open but don't have too high of hopes. I'm not as upset as I was when Winger got hurt. Probably because I didn't see this happen or the aftermath. But it still bugged me on some level and I was a bit grumpy today.

Great day!

The sun is out today. It's been great weather. A little cold but not really cold and not hot. I took the birds out to the new 10 mile release point. Skies were blue. Chris stopped off at a TacoBell to get food. When we were about to turn onto our road we saw the three pigeons flying over the cow field to our house. I go, "There they are! Oh no, we're going to lose the race becasue we stopped for food." It was just so amazing to see. Actually it was like 11 miles and it took them around 15 minutes to get home so I say they were averaging around 50mph. That's sweet. We did beat them home by a few seconds. The rule of pigeon racing is you clock them once the land. We parked while they were still circling the house but they did get to the house first. I think the pigeons would argue THEY won.

I've banded two chicks that I need to report.

The chick that hatched from the Orange Pair hatched Feb 21, 2008 got leg band number AU 2008 AA 148889

The Yellow pair baby hatched Feb 23, 2008 got leg band number AU 2008 AA 14890

We finally got the loft divided today. We used soft chicken netting and wooden planks. Now we have a male and female side but some of the birds are still slipping through the net. I'm still fine tuning it.

Here is the loft from the outside. You can see the green divider.

Here it is from the inside. The males keep trying to get through.

This is where I get through by lifting that wood piece. Turbo here is the worst pigeon he's trying so darn hard to get over.

Flying well

My new young birds are flying pretty well. They are learning to go on the roof. The young blue ones have learned to keep up with the flock so that's really cool to see seven birds flying together. My white babies seem more timid for some reason but did throw one as the flock flew over and he joined them! I'm hoping tomorrow he'll do better. I had one blue one stay out all night but he came back this morning. I'm so glad he didn't get lose. I was very worried. And my older birds are ready for their 10 mile training. I'm so proud of them but 10 miles is a lot and I'm a bit nervous. I hope they'll make it home safe and sound. Once they learn 10 miles from the south and the east then they'll go up in 10 mile increments. Twenty miles will be next and FINALLY at that point I think I can start advertising and looking into getting a business liscense. Wow I'm almost there. But this isn't something that can be rushed though I'm a bit impatient and wish my birds were there now. The other good thing is that once my birds are ready for their first training toss I can take them out with the older birds and they can follow the older birds that know the way home. I'll have fewer losses that way. I think establishing the first team is the hardest but after that they can show the younger ones the way and things move faster.

The yellows layed another Egg Feb 29,2008. I have taken their last baby because they over stuffed it. This time they were eating pellets only so he drained completely after 24 hours. But still that's wrong and my yellow pair have proven to be lousy parents. The baby I pulled has been fixed. I finally got his crop to drain. It took a few days. But then he developed splayed legs. So I rigged some skewers and tied his legs up under him for 12 hours. I also put towels under him instead of paper towels to keep his legs from going out. He seems much better now and I hope all the problems are finally over. I have the egg in there too. Don't expect it to do so well since it's not a true incubator and I can't be there to turn it every hour round the clock. But in five days I'll candle it and know for sure if I have to keep working with it of if I can throw it out. I'd love for it to hatch since I need more white pigeons but if it is good it's gonna be a lot of work. I separated the yellow pair and the breeding season is officially closed for this year. I need to find a way to separate the pairs in the aviary so they aren't breeding so much.


Handfeeding again

I'm behind on my dates again.

Fostered baby from the Orange pair hatched Feb 21 2008.
February 23 2008 two babies hatched from the yellow pair
. But unfortunately one died and I found the other thrown out of the nest in time. I was pretty mad about this. They'd pecked and trampled one chick and the other was cold outside the nest. I put the baby back and threw out the dead one. The next day I handfed it in the morning. I've been watching them closely. Today in the afternoon I found the last baby thrown out again. So that's the last straw. I didn't want to hand feed such a little baby because it's difficult but he's got a better chance with me than with these parents that are only interested in the older baby. I was really mad for a few hours because they didn't have to kill that other baby. Shoot I would have taken it away if I had known. Also, little babies like this are hard to raise because they have to be fed every two hours round the clock. Oh gosh I'm not looking forward to this.

Look how little. It's only two days old. OY!

The stuffed animal is for him to snuggle with so he thinks there's a momma bird in there. Oh another thing hard about this is I don't have a real brooder. I have a make shift one that I made with a towel and a heating pad that only reaches 90°F. I think it has to be a minimum of 100°. So no I'm not very happy about this at the momment. I thought I was done with handfeeding for the year. Gosh I hope this one will make it.

The new team of babies is doing well. They've flown twice now. They haven't left the loft and my two whites because they are handfed won't go on the roof of the house on their own yet. But they are very well trained to come at the sound of the gourd and go through the bobs. We had a bad Cooper attack today. I chased the Cooper all the way down to the end of the street but amazingly my birds got away from him thank goodness. I was determined that if he had caught one I would have taken it away from him. This makes like the third or fourth predator attack now. I'm glad my birds are learning so well to avoid them. I checked them and no one had missing tail or wing feathers and no cuts or slashes. It was scary though. I got my excersize today.


I've been slacking here again. My pigeons are doing excellent. Holy Cow this year is way better than last. Last year sucked with the losses and fly aways. I think the babies I bought were too old and had no real love for where they lived...can't say I blame them. But these are loved hand fed babies. They have learned three miles from the North and East and five miles from the west. I need to train them from the South now. I put in the two oldest babies and Torque's two blue babies. They should have their first flight Sunday or Monday. I'm so excited. But I'm not sure how I'm going to handle two teams of birds now. I'm thinking to start I'll fly the older one so they get it out of their systems then fly the young ones before the older ones return to the loft. If they see the older ones sitting on the roof they might be encouraged to fly out.


My two babies I'm hand feeding are doing quite well. I think the older one will wean soon. I can't wait for them to be old enough to put in the loft. I'm looking forward to them learning to fly.

I banded the babies from Parents IPB B 2007 4720 Blue and IPB B 2007. The got
band numbers
AU 2008 AA 14887
AU 2008 AA 14888

I will likely pull the for hand feeding on the 14th. They'll be two weeks old then.

A red-shouldered hawk attacked the flock two days ago. It was the first predation attempt. My birds avoided him beautifully. I ran to the front and scared off the hawk. It was a bit annoying because this was the first time all five birds were flying as a flock. The checkered blue one came back right away. He's always been shy and timid. I was worried the whites would take the little hen too far away since she wasn't as experienced. But she kept up with the flock. I was amazed. They stayed out for a half hour. They also split up which I've never seen them do. I don't know if was because of all the predators in the area. But I saw the blue and one white. The other two whites vanished. But finally they regrouped and returned home.

Yesterday we took the three whites to their first five mile toss. They did well for coming home from a new area. I'm quite proud of how well they are doing. They found a wild pigeon flying and they chased the poor bird. It was so funny. I could tell this bird was scared of mine.

I've had the crazy idea of perhaps getting an RC plane and flying it around first to scare away the hawks.